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+Text: Fast, packed Unicode strings, using stream fusion
+This package provides the Data.Text library, a library for the space-
+and time-efficient manipulation of Unicode text in Haskell.
+Normalization, conversion, and collation, oh my!
+This library intentionally provides a simple API based on the Haskell
+prelude's list manipulation functions.  For more complicated
+real-world tasks, such as Unicode normalization, conversion to and
+from a larger variety of encodings, and collation, use the text-icu
+That library uses the well-respected and liberally licensed ICU
+library to provide these facilities.
+Source code
+darcs get
+The base code for this library was originally written by Tom Harper,
+based on the stream fusion framework developed by Roman Leshchinskiy,
+Duncan Coutts, and Don Stewart.  The core library was fleshed out,
+debugged, and tested by Bryan O'Sullivan.
 name:           text
-version:        0.0
+version:        0.1
 synopsis:       An efficient packed Unicode text type
 description:    An efficient packed Unicode text type.
 license:        BSD3