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Data Text: Used mispelled mkNorepType for compatibility with GHC 6.10

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 import Control.Exception (assert)
 import Data.Char (isSpace)
-import Data.Data (Data(gfoldl, toConstr, gunfold, dataTypeOf), mkNoRepType)
+import Data.Data (Data(gfoldl, toConstr, gunfold, dataTypeOf), mkNorepType)
 import Control.Monad (foldM)
 import Control.Monad.ST (ST)
 import qualified Data.Text.Array as A
 --  "could we get a Data instance for Data.Text.Text?"
+-- NOTE: we used the mispelled version of mkNoRepType for
+-- compatibility with GHC 6.10. Eventually this should be updated:
 instance Data Text where
   gfoldl f z txt = z pack `f` (unpack txt)
   toConstr _     = error "Data.Text.Text:toConstr"
   gunfold _ _    = error "Data.Text.Text:gunfold"
-  dataTypeOf _   = mkNoRepType "Data.Text.Text"
+  dataTypeOf _   = mkNorepType "Data.Text.Text"
 -- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
 -- * Conversion to/from 'Text'
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