Bryan O'Sullivan committed 841ae46

Implement lazy hGetContents.

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     , putStrLn
     ) where
-import Data.Text.Lazy (Text)
+import Data.Text.Lazy.Internal (Text(..))
 import Prelude hiding (appendFile, getContents, getLine, interact, putStr,
                        putStrLn, readFile, writeFile)
 import System.IO (Handle, IOMode(..), hPutChar, openFile, stdin, stdout,
 import qualified Data.ByteString.Char8 as S8
 import qualified Data.ByteString.Lazy.Char8 as L8
-import Data.Text.IO.Internal (hGetLineWith)
+import Control.Exception (throw)
+import Data.IORef (readIORef, writeIORef)
+import Data.Text.IO.Internal (hGetLineWith, readChunk)
+import GHC.IO.Buffer (Buffer(..), BufferState(..), CharBufElem, CharBuffer,
+                      RawCharBuffer, bufferAdjustL, bufferElems, charSize,
+                      emptyBuffer, isEmptyBuffer, newCharBuffer, readCharBuf,
+                      withRawBuffer, writeCharBuf)
+import GHC.IO.Exception (IOException(..), IOErrorType(..), ioException)
+import GHC.IO.Handle.Internals (augmentIOError, ioe_EOF, readTextDevice,
+                                wantReadableHandle_, hClose_help,
+                                wantReadableHandle, wantWritableHandle,
+                                withHandle)
+import GHC.IO.Handle.Text (commitBuffer')
+import GHC.IO.Handle.Types (BufferList(..), BufferMode(..), Handle__(..),
+                            HandleType(..), Newline(..))
+import System.IO.Error (isEOFError)
+import System.IO.Unsafe (unsafeInterleaveIO)
 -- | The 'readFile' function reads a file and returns the contents of
 #if __GLASGOW_HASKELL__ <= 610
 hGetContents = fmap decodeUtf8 . L8.hGetContents
-hGetContents = undefined
+hGetContents h =
+    wantReadableHandle "hGetContents" h $ \hh -> do
+      ts <- lazyRead h
+      return (hh{haType=SemiClosedHandle}, ts)
+lazyRead :: Handle -> IO Text
+lazyRead h = unsafeInterleaveIO $
+  withHandle "hGetContents" h $ \hh -> do
+    case haType hh of
+      ClosedHandle     -> return (hh, L.empty)
+      SemiClosedHandle -> lazyReadBuffered h hh
+      _                -> ioException 
+                          (IOError (Just h) IllegalOperation "hGetContents"
+                           "illegal handle type" Nothing Nothing)
+lazyReadBuffered :: Handle -> Handle__ -> IO (Handle__, Text)
+lazyReadBuffered h hh@Handle__{..} = do
+   buf <- readIORef haCharBuffer
+   (do t <- readChunk hh buf
+       ts <- lazyRead h
+       return (hh, Chunk t ts)) `catch` \e -> do
+         (hh', _) <- hClose_help hh
+         if isEOFError e
+           then return $ if isEmptyBuffer buf
+                         then (hh', Empty)
+                         else (hh', L.singleton '\r')
+           else throw (augmentIOError e "hGetContents" h)
 -- | Read a single line from a handle.
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