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Bryan O'Sullivan  committed cac7dbc

Oh noes! I was miscalculating the initial buffer size!

When performance testing encodeUtf8, I noticed that for some reason I
was still seeing "ensure" show up in the profile, when I expected it
shouldn't have been.

Turns out I was using a "min" where I should have been using a "max",
and thus allocating an initial bytestring that would almost always be
too small, thus forcing reallocations and copying. Boo!

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 -- | Encode text using UTF-8 encoding.
 encodeUtf8 :: Text -> ByteString
 encodeUtf8 (Text arr off len) = unsafePerformIO $ do
-  let size0 = min len 4
+  let size0 = max len 4
   mallocByteString size0 >>= start size0 off 0
   start size n0 m0 fp = withForeignPtr fp $ loop n0 m0