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Compare number reading performance to ByteString functions.

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 {-# LANGUAGE BangPatterns #-}
-import Control.Monad ()
 import Data.List (foldl')
 import System.Environment (getArgs)
 import qualified Data.ByteString.Char8 as B
 import qualified Data.ByteString.Lazy.Char8 as BL
+import qualified Data.ByteString.Lex.Double as B
+import qualified Data.ByteString.Lex.Lazy.Double as BL
 import qualified Data.Text as T
 import qualified Data.Text.Encoding as T
 import qualified Data.Text.Lazy as TL
                    Left err    -> error err
                    Right (n,_) -> min n z
+bytey :: (Ord a, Num a) =>
+         IO [t] -> (t -> Maybe (a,t)) -> IO ()
+bytey act reader = print . foldl' go 1000000 =<< act
+  where go z t = case reader t of
+                   Nothing    -> error "barf"
+                   Just (n,_) -> min n z
 main = do
   args <- getArgs
   let strict = (T.lines . T.decodeUtf8) `fmap` B.getContents
       lazy = (TL.lines . TL.decodeUtf8) `fmap` BL.getContents
+      bs = B.lines `fmap` B.getContents
+      lbs = BL.lines `fmap` BL.getContents
   case args of
     ["dec"] -> readem strict (T.signed T.decimal :: T.Reader Int)
     ["hex"] -> readem strict (T.signed T.hexadecimal :: T.Reader Int)
     ["lhex"] -> readem lazy (TL.signed TL.hexadecimal :: TL.Reader Int)
     ["ldouble"] -> readem lazy (TL.double :: TL.Reader Double)
     ["lrational"] -> readem lazy (TL.rational :: TL.Reader Double)
+    ["bdec"] -> bytey bs B.readInt
+    ["bdouble"] -> bytey bs B.readDouble
+    ["bldec"] -> bytey lbs BL.readInt
+    ["bldouble"] -> bytey lbs BL.readDouble
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