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File Data/Text/IO.hs

 -- Portability : GHC
 -- Efficient locale-sensitive support for text I\/O.
+-- Skip past the synopsis for some important notes on performance and
+-- portability across different versions of GHC.
 module Data.Text.IO
+    -- * Performance
+    -- $performance 
     -- * Locale support
     -- $locale
     -- * File-at-a-time operations
 import System.IO.Error (isEOFError)
+-- $performance
+-- #performance#
+-- The functions in this module obey the runtime system's locale,
+-- character set encoding, and line ending conversion settings.
+-- If you know in advance that you will be working with data that has
+-- a specific encoding (e.g. UTF-8), and your application is highly
+-- performance sensitive, you may find that it is faster to perform
+-- I\/O with bytestrings and to encode and decode yourself than to use
+-- the functions in this module.
+-- Whether this will hold depends on the version of GHC you are using,
+-- the platform you are working on, the data you are working with, and
+-- the encodings you are using, so be sure to test for yourself.
 -- | The 'readFile' function reads a file and returns the contents of
 -- the file as a string.  The entire file is read strictly, as with
 -- 'getContents'.