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 import qualified Data.Text.Encoding.Utf8 as U8
 import qualified Data.Text.Encoding.Utf16 as U16
 import qualified Data.Text.Encoding.Utf32 as U32
-import System.IO.Unsafe (unsafePerformIO)
+import Data.Text.Unsafe (unsafeDupablePerformIO)
 import Foreign.ForeignPtr (withForeignPtr, ForeignPtr)
 import Foreign.Storable (pokeByteOff)
 import Data.ByteString.Internal (mallocByteString, memcpy)
 -- | /O(n)/ Convert a 'Stream' 'Word8' to a lazy 'ByteString'.
 unstreamChunks :: Int -> Stream Word8 -> ByteString
 unstreamChunks chunkSize (Stream next s0 len0) = chunk s0 (upperBound 4 len0)
-  where chunk s1 len1 = unsafePerformIO $ do
+  where chunk s1 len1 = unsafeDupablePerformIO $ do
           let len = max 4 (min len1 chunkSize)
           mallocByteString len >>= loop len 0 s1