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 name:           text
 homepage:       https://github.com/bos/text
 bug-reports:    https://github.com/bos/text/issues
 synopsis:       An efficient packed Unicode text type.
     the @text-icu@ package:
+    &#8212;&#8212; RELEASE NOTES &#8212;&#8212;
+    .
+    Changes in
+    .
+    * String literals are now converted directly from the format in
+      which GHC stores them into 'Text', without an intermediate
+      transformation through 'String', and without inlining of
+      conversion code at each site where a string literal is declared.
+    .
 license:        BSD3
 license-file:   LICENSE
 author:         Bryan O'Sullivan <bos@serpentine.com>