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Bryan O'Sullivan
unstream: choose a winner - the continuation For a simple benchmark filtering many very small strings, this allocates 7.8% less memory and 2.4% less time than unstream in The difference slowly disappears for larger strings. The "use a specialised pair" approach can't match the reduction in memory use, and for reasons unknown to me, seems to be slower than the code in
Bryan O'Sullivan
Another try at improving Text generation.
Bryan O'Sullivan
A small improvement in Text generation efficiency. The specialised Run tuple avoids boxing and indirection for both the MArray and Int parameters in the predecessor code. I think I can do better, though.
Bryan O'Sullivan
Many improvements, all small. Add a span_ function, using unboxed tuples, to Text.Private. Use span_ in a few places where it can help a little. Relax the constraint on rational to Fractional. Specialize over many more integral types.