text / tests / Makefile

The default branch has multiple heads

count = 1000

coverage: build coverage/hpc_index.html

build: text-test-data
	cabal configure -fhpc
	cabal build

	hg clone
	$(MAKE) -C text-test-data

	-mkdir -p coverage
	./dist/build/text-tests/text-tests -a $(count)
	mv text-tests.tix $@

	-mkdir -p coverage
	./scripts/ ./dist/build/text-tests-stdio/text-tests-stdio
	mv text-tests-stdio.tix $@

coverage/coverage.tix: coverage/text-tests.tix coverage/text-tests-stdio.tix
	hpc combine --output=$@ \
        --exclude=Main \
        coverage/text-tests.tix \

coverage/hpc_index.html: coverage/coverage.tix
	hpc markup --destdir=coverage coverage/coverage.tix

	rm -rf dist coverage .hpc

.PHONY: build coverage
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