text / .hgtags

The default branch has multiple heads

30575507578cf04b5b1501ee23b1faa83315eb88 0.1
321e61f17630dbd346c1c9991831572f964b7d5a 0.4
34cef27f87287cd3c17d78ac99e9de2d6c8a1200 0.6
61c322bd5b6446255870422f854266396169a7e5 0.5
9adb5edd9b6407335e8772ea86036b938471fc89 0.2
b4fdbef1c1027a70b95c1a81747d968890acc3f6 0.3
f2c9b1c019e3277926378d7b5a604f1c995f0202 0.7
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