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This directory contains the tests for the Text library. To run these tests, you will need the test data from:


You should extract that archive to the same directory as this README (some tests rely on this).

There are two categories of tests: functional tests (including QuickCheck properties), and benchmarks.

Functional tests



The benchmarks are located in the benchmarks subdirectory. An overview of what's in that directory:

python            Python implementations of some benchmarks
ruby              Ruby implementations of some benchmarks
src               Source files of the haskell benchmarks
benchmarks.cabal  Cabal file which compiles all benchmarks
Makefile          Has targets for common tasks

To compile the benchmarks, navigate to the benchmarks subdirectory and run cabal configure && cabal build. Then, you can run the benchmarks using:


However, since there quite a lot of benchmarks, you usually don't want to run them all. Instead, use the -l flag to get a list of benchmarks:


And run the ones you want to inspect. If you want to configure the benchmarks further, the exact parameters can be changed in src/Data/Text/Benchmarks.hs.