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How to get more information on DPLASMA

Two moderated mailing-lists are available, one for the users and the other for the developers involved in the project. The user mailinglist subscriptions are handled via the user mailing-list, while the developpers via the developers mailing-list. Please feel free to join us.

How to Compile and Run DPLASMA


  • V0: First version numerically correct with dynamic creation of workspaces, (9f2b7ee1366d+ 5304+ zenati)
    • In zenati branch, zgetrf_fusion.jdf
    • No check have been done with GPUs
    • Panel:
      • Uses only one preallocated workspace for the U during panel factorization
      • Local reduction is done with a binary tree with three elements reduced at once
      • Distributed reduction is done through Bruck's algorithm
      • NO immediates are used in the panel
    • Update:
      • Swap exchanges are done with a full tile
      • GEMM and SWAP are done in column major
      • SWAP_COLLECT are done in parallel
      • SWAP_RECV and GEMM are not merged together
  • V1: (283d459cd4be 6904 zenati)
    • In zenati branch, zgetrf_fusion.jdf
    • V0 +:
      • Update: Extraction done in Row Major, but TRSM/GEMM are still in column major
  • TODO:
    • Panel:
      • Cleaner Bruck algorithm (take example on getrf_qrf from qr_lu branch)
      • Add immediate task to improve reactivity on the panel
      • UMAT could be replaced by WRITE data
    • Update:
      • Perfom all TRSM/GEMM in row major to improve performance off swap in case we want to use GPUs
      • Merge SWAP_RECV and GEMM tasks to reduce the task number
      • Reduce the exchanged volume during SWAP to its minimum

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