UI Utilities for Timetable Generator API - README

                       by Botond Ballo


The UI utilities for the Timetable Generator API, also known as
'libtg-ui', are utilities for writing user interfaces on top of the 
Timetable Generator API (also known as 'libtg'). For more 
information about the Timetable Generator API, please see [1].

The UI utilities provided by this library are independent of any UI 
toolkit. They are built on top of the BCCU Drawing API (see 
bccu/ui/gui/drawing.hpp at [2]), which currently has backends for 
wxWidgets and Wt, but anyone can write a backend for a different UI 

Currently, a single utility is provided, which draws a timetable,
represented as a tg::TimetablePage, onto a canvas.


Libtg-ui is free software. It is distributed under the GNU Lesser
General Public License, version 3 or later. For details, please see 


Libtg-ui is built on top of, and thus depends on, libtg [1] and BCCU
[2]. Please see their READMEs for their requirements in turn.

Building Instructions

Libtg-ui is a header-only library, so there is nothing to build.

Libtg, however, needs to be built. Please see its README for