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Foo Jake is a seemingly regular guy who has no idea who he is after being hit over the head by mysterious assailants; when he finds himself entangled in a government conspiracy, Jake and his pursuers become convinced that he is an undercover agent. This film begins with a man named &quot;Jake Rogers&quot; (Cedric Antonio Kyles) waking up in a bed at a hotel and finding a dead body right next to him. To make matters even worse, because of a recent head injury he not only doesn&#39;t remember how he got into this situation, but he also doesn&#39;t remember who he is. However, as luck would have it there is a small attache case with approximately $250,000 in it and an attractive blonde named &quot;Diane&quot; (Nicollette Sheridan) waiting for him in the hotel lobby who claims to be his wife. And to top it off he is apparently quite rich as well. However, that doesn&#39;t seem to matter as much as it should because he soon realizes that there are people out to kill him over a computer chip that he doesn&#39;t know anything about. Now rather than reveal any more I will just say that this film definitely had some good humor here and there. Likewise, having two attractive actresses like Lucy Liu (as the waitress named &quot;Gina&quot;) and the aforementioned Nicollette Sheridan certainly didn&#39;t hurt matters either. Having said that, however, I must admit that some of the comedy was rather low-brow and the film could have used a bit more suspense or drama as well. Even so, I thought that this was an okay film for the time spent and for that reason I have rated it accordingly. Average. This comedy was just bottom of the barrel of the stuff here. It was not in the least bit funny nor was it interesting. This movie was just an epic failure.<br/><br/>Jake Rogers (Cedric the Entertainer, Barbershop), an everyday regular man who has somehow found himself waking up next to a dead body with no memory of who he is and how he got there. After a series of events following an encounter with his wife Diane (Nicollette Sheridan, TV&#39;s Desperate Housewives) and girlfriend Gina (Lucy Liu, Kill Bill), Jake gradually comes to believe he is a secret undercover agent embroiled in a high-level government conspiracy involving an arms deal involving the CIA and FBI.<br/><br/>Will Patton (Armageddon) and Mark Dacascos (Cradle 2 The Grave) also appear in this poor excuse of a comedy.<br/><br/>This movie maybe would have done better with someone like Martin Lawrence or Chris Tucker, however it may not have made a difference. In fact it may have been a blot on their resumes. Unfortunately Cedric the Entertainer is not leading man material and is better suited to supporting roles.<br/><br/>Nicollette Sheridan, Lucy Liu, Will Patton and Mark Dacascos have certainly been in better movies and this is a movie to forget for them.<br/><br/>Director Les Mayfield (Encino Man, Blue Streak) is normally a competent director unfortunately he has managed to find himself with a big stinker on his hands.<br/><br/>What can I say here? This movie tried to hard to be funny however it just did not work at all. It was not funny at all. For some reason I decided to persist with the movie to see how it all ended. For some reason I could not even tell you how this ended. This was certainly a forgettable experience. <br/><br/>It was no surprise that this was a box office flop and savaged by many critics. Hands down this was one of the worst movies of 2007, and certainly one of the worst comedies I have ever seen.<br/><br/>Avoid.<br/><br/>1/10. This implausible plot full of holes does pave the way for a series of Cedric the Entertainer skits and physical gags. None of these is very funny. A few are painfully unfunny. In either case, the movie comes to a standstill. It's a pity no one thought to screen old Bob Hope movies to see how to integrate comedy into genre filmmaking.


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