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Issue #11 open
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whenever modal window starts the background page is still scrollable. I mean Basically when modal window starts user should get concentrate on modal window not on background page. and here with any example when modal window starts the background page is still scrollable and it is distracting user.

(My Suggestion is please disable background page scrolling).

Now with image example when we start modal window and image in it. when we press for next image the modal window gets disappears and loads next image and reappears. by the time we are able to access background page.

(My Suggestion is when he/she click on next image modal window should not get disappear and load next image or any content until he/she clicks on close button).

I am newbie but when I saw your examples I think it is issues with script and I don't know If your script allow user to do this kind of changes manually by setting some properties.

By the time Nice work done by you.

Thanks for helping. Mehul Chauhan.

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  1. Pierre Bertet repo owner
    • changed status to open

    I don’t know if it’s a good idea to lock scroll, there is no simple way to do this and that could bring some compatibility problems.

    The second idea is good, SuperBox should display images galleries without fading the window.

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