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Hi, Sorry, couldn't find anywhere else to ask this : I open an iframe in which I list some stuff. I'd like to select an item and send the ID to the opener. I tried parent.opener by I logically get a "parent.opener is null". Is there a way to talk with the page which open the superbox ? Thank you, Marie

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  1. Former user Account Deleted

    Hello, I have the same question.

    My page has a link that opens a the Superbox to another page with a form. I would like just update a div on the page that was opened the Superbox after submission of the form data and the closing of the Superbox.

    I can already close the Superbox automatically using "window.parent.$.superbox.close ();"...

    Opener's path: system/produtos/produtos.php

    Superbox page path: sistema/marca/addMarca.php

    It is possible to do this?

    Thanks in advance for any tip could give me!

    PS: Sorry for grammatical errors, I do not speak English very well :P

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