new function callback after hidding modal window

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Issue #39 open
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As you have setted a usefull beforeShow callback function before modal window is showed, there could be implemented also another callback function to call after modal is hidden.

This is easy, just add it on settings:

{{{ defaultSettings = { boxId: "superbox", boxClasses: "", overlayOpacity: .8, boxWidth: "600", boxHeight: "400", loadTxt: "Loading...", closeTxt: "Close", prevTxt: "Previous", nextTxt: "Next", beforeShow: function(){}, afterHide: function(){} } }}}

And add the callback on the hideAll function:

{{{ // Hide Box + Overlay function hideAll(callback){ hideBox(); $overlay.fadeOut(300, function(){ // Show hidden elements for IE6; }); galleryMode = false; settings.afterHide(); }; }}}

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