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Issue #42 duplicate
Juan Ildefonso Sanchez Garcia created an issue


First, thank you very much for work. Really appreciated.

I think my question could be related with issue 19, but it was put on hold, I could not get help from it.

In my php application, I have a page with a list of items. At the end of the list, I have a link to manage this list. The link opens a different .php file inside an iframe with Superbox.

On closing the Superbox Iframe, I need to reload the opener page so it can read again the list from database and show the changes I did inside the iframe.

Thanks in advance for any tip could give me !


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  1. Pierre Bertet repo owner

    It’s related to #39.

    But you can hack it with the afterOpen() callback:

    $.superbox.settings = {
      afterOpen: function(){
        $("#superbox .close a").click(function(){
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