Iframe based boxes aren't auto dimensioning

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Issue #5 wontfix
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I tried several things for this problem to be solved, but none of them worked. I'm using Superbox for a gallery of images that are each inside of individual html files. Tried putting all the html's content inside a div and then calling the div in the "rel" atribute, didn't work. Tried to define the image size in the "img" tag, also didn't work. The only thing that worked was to define each box size one by one, which is the opposite of automatic. Is there a solution for this? Thanks.

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  1. Pierre Bertet repo owner

    I thought there is no elegant solution, because :

    • An HTML document has no width: it reflects the browser window.
    • The iframe access is limited by domain: the height would only be available for iframes pointing to the same domain.



    Can't you directly create links to your images ?

    Feel free to reopen this issue if you have an idea.

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