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I'm trying it, cut i can´t find a solution. I would like to open a superbox window clicking a button in the flash interface.

In html, this is the code: {{{ #!<a href="myURL" rel="superbox[iframe][640x480]">button</a>


What is the code in flash if I want to open this superbox window clicking a button there?

I'm trying it using: {{{ #!import flash.external.*; button_btn.onPress = function() {"superbox", ""); };

}}} Do I need more code in the html side?

Thank yo for your help.

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  1. Pierre Bertet repo owner

    I don’t know much Flash, but you should try this:


    // On window for the demo, but you should namespace this function.
    window.showSuperBox = function() {


    button_btn.onPress = function() {"showSuperBox");
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