duplicated content after execute $.superbox(); twice

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Issue #62 new
Juan Jose Zermeño created an issue

i have this code i execute superbox at the main load page, but when i use $("#divloader").load the links loaded never works so i call again superbox function..

$(document).ready(function(){ $.superbox.settings = { boxId: "superbox", // Id attribute of the "superbox" element boxClasses: "", // Class of the "superbox" element overlayOpacity: .9, // Background opaqueness boxWidth: "600", // Default width of the box boxHeight: "600", // Default height of the box loadTxt: "Cargando...", // Loading text closeTxt: "Cerrar", // "Close" button text


$('#listas').click(function() {
    $("#divloader").load("listas.php", function(response, status, xhr) {
                          if (status == "error") 
                                alert("El servidor no responde");
                          if(status == "success"){



but now i have some throubles ... when i click in one of the main content links the superbox content is loaded twice...


how can avoid this?