Superbox Iframe automatically close

Issue #73 resolved
Marcel Enzler
created an issue


I generate a box containing an iframe <a href="login.php" rel="superbox[iframe][450x450]">Login</a>

After Login i will automatically close the iframe and refreh the main page.

Is it possible and how show the code for automatically close the iframe and refreshing the main page?

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  1. Marcel Enzler reporter

    i have solve this issue: 1) change the code in superbox.js: a=i('<p class="close"><a id="closethis"><strong><span>'+w.closeTxt+"</span></strong></a></p>").prependTo(q).find("a");

    2)after loading superbox.js: function closeBox() {jQuery(function($){ $("#closethis").click(); top.location.reload(); });}

    3) To close in a iframe: <script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript"> window.parent.closeBox(); </script>

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