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Issue #8 resolved
Jonathan Scott created an issue

Trying to use the url /lingo/change_password/ isn't recognized when using superbox[ajax] although /lingo/change_password.html is - from my (very) limited testing it seems it needs a . to be recognized as a url.

This is obviously a flaw as lot's of websites don't use extensions in URLS any more.

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  1. Jonathan Scott reporter

    getRelSettings returns ["superbox", "ajax", "/lingo/change_password.html"] for /lingo/change_password.html and just ["/lingo/change_password/"] for /lingo/change_password/

  2. Jonathan Scott reporter
    boxCurrentAttrs = relAttr.replace("superbox", "").match(/([#\.][^#\.\]]+)/g) || [],

    this is the problem, with the .html it matches the .html and without it it doesn't match anything (due to the [#\.])

    In my own build I just commented out:

    this._relSettings = relAttr.replace("superbox["+ type + boxCurrentAttrs.join("") +"]", "");

    Obviously this isn't a real solution but whatever feature this is enabling I'm not using right now so I can do without it.

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