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hg-lisppaste is a simple extension to Mercurial that allows you to automatically upload unified diffs to pastebin integrated with the Freenode IRC network.


Enable the extension by adding the following line to the [extensions] part of your .hgrc file:


You can also specify a default nickname and channel by adding a [lisppaste] section to your .hgrc file like so:

from = <your nick>
to = <default channel>

These are entirely optional, and can be overridden for any paste by command-line arguments.


For the common case, where you wish to upload your pending commit as the diff, you can simply issue

$ hg paste -s "title of the paste"

You can also specify -i to force hg-lisppaste to interactively query you for information.

Full diff arguments are supported; run hg help paste for more information.