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Add button for reload accounts (servers)

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     <Description about="urn:mozilla:install-manifest">
-        <em:version>0.1.1</em:version>
+        <em:version>0.1.2</em:version>
         <em:description>Remote and local file browser</em:description>
         <em:creator>Tomas Brabenec</em:creator>
-        <em:homepageURL></em:homepageURL>
+        <em:homepageURL></em:homepageURL>
         <em:type>2</em:type> <!-- type=extension -->


                     <spacer flex="1"/>
+                  <toolbarbutton
+                        id="sites_accounts_refresh_button"
+                        tooltiptext="Refresh accounts"
+                        label="Refresh accounts"
+                        buttonstyle="pictures"
+                        class="all-reload-icon"
+                        oncommand="ko.extensions.Sites.S.init_List_forView();" />
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