New Chrome Session

New Chrome Session (formerly the New Chrome Session browser extension) launches Google Chrome with a completely clean history, settings, bookmarks, etc. This is useful for testing websites with a clear cache. It can also be used for logging into websites with several accounts simultaneously, as the different instances of Chrome do not share cookie data.

This script is for Windows only. However, it is not complicated at all. You are welcome to translate it for another system if you would like.


Run the installer to create shortcuts on your desktop and start menu. If you would like, you can right click on one of these shortcuts and then click "Pin to Taskbar" to add a taskbar icon.

If you do not want, or are unable to use the installer, you may simply copy the new-chrome.js file to a convenient location. By default, Windows will run this script when it is double-clicked. If you have associated *.js files with another application, you can run new-chrome.js with wscript.exe:

wscript "path\to\new-chrome.js"

How it Works

Google Chrome has a --user-data-dir option to set the path for which it should store all data. New Chrome Session is a very small script that creates a new temporary directory and launches Google Chrome using this new empty directory for Chrome data. The script also cleans up old temporary directors no longer in use when ran.

Build your own installer

You can use NSIS to compile the installer.nsi file.


Read the LICENSE file.


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