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Mercurial Case-Folding Extension

"Case-folding file systems are a big problem when you start doing distributed version control." If you don't believe that statement, you don't need this extension.

This is a hard extension to maintain because:

  1. people want so many different resolutions to the problem
  2. there's not yet a solid hook in mercurial to handle case-folding (don't whine...there are a lot of pretty good reasons for this).

Right now, I'm trying to beef up support for the latest mercurial. I get reports that some folding merges fail even though my unit tests pass, which means people have found situations in the wild that aren't covered. That's to be expected.

If you want something fixed, the best way to help is to help me recreate the problem, preferably with a succinct unit test. Just telling me you threw a bunch of files at it and it didn't work will not help. Sorry. Put yourself in my place.

This is a tool that tries to begin alleviating a painful situation. It is not something you can throw every conceivable case-folding mess at an expect production perfect results.

If you have a huge problem right now, all I have is tips. Free tips. Worth about as much as you paid for them. These all assume you are a Windows user trying to get out of a jam.

  1. Get a Linux machine or physical--or BSD or Solaris--with Mercurial installed. Don't know where to start? Download VirtualBox and install an Ubuntu VM in it.
  1. Get your files or repos on to that machine and solve the problem manually. (Yes, I know from experience how much that hurts.)