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 #!/bin/sh -
-#	$OpenBSD:,v 1.122 2013/01/31 23:30:40 miod Exp $
+#	$OpenBSD:,v 1.123 2013/02/21 15:26:20 deraadt Exp $
 #	$NetBSD:,v 1995/10/12 05:17:11 jtc Exp $
 # Copyright (c) 1984, 1986, 1990, 1993
 cat >vers.c <<eof
 #if 0
 #define STATUS "-current"		/* just after a release */
-#define STATUS ""			/* release */
 #define STATUS "-beta"			/* just before a release */
+#define STATUS ""			/* release */
 const char ostype[] = "${ost}";
 const char osrelease[] = "${osr}";
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