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keymap: Add HP EliteBook 8440p

Thanks to Glen Ditchfield <>!

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 	src/keymap/keymaps/hewlett-packard-presario-2100 \
 	src/keymap/keymaps/hewlett-packard-tablet \
 	src/keymap/keymaps/hewlett-packard-tx2 \
+	src/keymap/keymaps/hewlett-packard_elitebook-8440p \
 	src/keymap/keymaps/ibm-thinkpad-usb-keyboard-trackpoint \
 	src/keymap/keymaps/inventec-symphony_6.0_7.0 \
 	src/keymap/keymaps/lenovo-3000 \


 ENV{DMI_VENDOR}=="Hewlett-Packard", ATTR{[dmi/id]product_name}=="Presario 2100*", RUN+="keymap $name hewlett-packard-presario-2100"
 ENV{DMI_VENDOR}=="Hewlett-Packard", ATTR{[dmi/id]product_name}=="HP G62 Notebook PC", RUN+="keymap $name 0xB2 www"
 ENV{DMI_VENDOR}=="Hewlett-Packard", ATTR{[dmi/id]product_name}=="HP ProBook*", RUN+="keymap $name 0xF8 rfkill"
+ENV{DMI_VENDOR}=="Hewlett-Packard", ATTR{[dmi/id]product_name}=="HP EliteBook 8440p", RUN+="keymap $name hewlett-packard_elitebook-8440p"
 # HP Pavillion dv6315ea has empty DMI_VENDOR
 ATTR{[dmi/id]board_vendor}=="Quanta", ATTR{[dmi/id]board_name}=="30B7", ATTR{[dmi/id]board_version}=="65.2B", RUN+="keymap $name 0x88 media" # "quick play


+0x88 www
+0xA0 mute
+0xAE volumedown
+0xB0 volumeup
+0xEC mail
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