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style: force monospace font and smaller size for pre.peek

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     background: white;
     color: black;
     width: 100%; 
+    font-size: 10px;
     overflow: auto;
     th {
         color: white;
         background: @peek_table_header;
+    table, th, tr, td {
+        font-family: @monospaceFontFamily;
+        font-size: 10px;
+    }
 // ==== Tool menu styles 


 div.historyItemTitleBar.spinner .state-icon{background:url(data_running.gif) 0 1px no-repeat !important;}
 div.historyItemBody div{padding-top:2px;}
-pre.peek{background:white;color:black;width:100%;overflow:auto;}pre.peek th{color:white;background:#023858;}
+pre.peek{background:white;color:black;width:100%;font-size:10px;overflow:auto;}pre.peek th{color:white;background:#023858;}
+pre.peek table,pre.peek th,pre.peek tr,pre.peek td{font-family:Menlo,Monaco,"Courier New",monospace;font-size:10px;}
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