There are a lot of Gedit regular expressions plugins out there, including some old versions of this one. So, what are the advantages of Gedit RE Search? Well, it is a subjective choice but below we list some interesting aspects of this plugin.

Appearance of the default Replace dialog

Gedit RE Search dialog

The appearance of this plugin is closer to the default Replace dialog from plugin. Well, at least we think it is a good thing :) It makes the plugin simple and familiar for most Gedit users.

Highlight of found patterns

Search highlight

Gedit RE Search highlights the found strings. It is not updated "on-line" like the default search highlight but it is very helpful.

Search and replace history of the current Gedit session

Search historyReplace history

This plugin stores the last search and replace inputs, easing the process of reusing searches.

Keyboard shortcut / Accel keys

One can open Gedit RE Search dialog pressing Control+R / Command+R (on Mac OS).

Does not use Glade

The plugins which were used as base for this one used Python libglade, which were slower and a bit disproportional. This version does not use libglade anymore.

Supports Gedit 3

Since version 20120508v3, you can use Gedit RE Search on Gedit 3. Since version 20131023v3.8, it works on Gedit 3.8, too, thanks for our contributor Albert Schubert.


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