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GOOD NEWS: Albert Schubert made updates in the plugin and now it is working on Gedit 3.8+! Thanks Albert! The updates were included in the repository.

Welcome to Gedit Regular Expression Search Plugin (Gedit RE Search) wiki page! Gedit RE Search is a plugin which provides a regular expression powered search and replace utility for Gedit.


The most recent versions of the plugin are:

There are older versions at the download page.

How to install it?

Take a look at our Install page, where we explain how to install it into Gedit 3.8, Gedit 3.0-3.6 or Gedit 2 and how to use an install script.

What else?

Gedit RE Search is based on earlier plugins with the same functionality. You may be interested in the history of these plugins and the due credits. Also, you may want to know what are the new features.

Gedit RE Search screenshot