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+== retwill: a fork from twill ==
+retwill is a fork of the acclaimed but apparently abandoned language twill.
+twill is a simple scripting language intended for programmatic or
+automated browsing of Web sites.
+Documentation is available in the release package under
+doc/index.txt or doc/index.html.
+The latest release as well as all documentation is always online at
+  You can also find
+information on mailing lists, bug fixes, and new releases there.
+twill is Copyright (C) 2005, 2006, 2007 by C. Titus Brown, and is
+available for use, modification, and distribution under the MIT
+retwill, for its turn, includes some new functionalities, such as 
+XPath-supporting "find" command and use of non-string values in dollar
+expressions (e.g. "${1}"), along with some improvements, such as the
+use of most recent versions of mechanize.

File tests/test-basic.twill

 # file upload
 go ./upload_file
-formfile 1 upload ../README.txt
+formfile 1 upload ../
 code 200
 find "retwill: a fork from twill"