match_hostname() doesn't implement RFC 6125 wildcard matching rules

Issue #2 resolved
Christian Heimes
created an issue

Please see for more information and a preliminary patch

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  1. Toshio Kuratomi

    Thanks Christian. I noticed that the python-dev thread associated with this bug seems to have concentrated solely on the other issues and not with this one. Do you think there will be traction to review your patch for the stdlib sometime soon?

    /me just got commit and isn't sure whether the code here should keep bug-for-bug compatibility with the stdlib or not.

    Brandon, do you have a preference?

  2. Brandon Rhodes repo owner

    I would prefer for this package to track the stdlib, rather than becoming a fork of the stdlib. But, I have no problem with its going ahead and including improvements and fixes that get committed to the stdlib but that have not yet appeared in a new version of Python — so it should track the stdlib repository, but not necessarily match the older stdlib as it exists in the most recently released version of Python.

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