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Issue #3 resolved

Release official version of this.

Justin Abrahms
created an issue

With pip1.4, it won't pull in prereleased packages by default. This means that pip install backports.ssl_match_hostname doesn't find anything.

I think marking the version as an "official" release, likely through the pypi UI, would fix this.

Comments (7)

  1. Toshio Kuratomi

    I just looked at pypi and was unable to find a place to mark this as official. Do you know that such a configuration option exists? If you can point me at it, I'll make sure to change it there.

  2. Brandon Rhodes repo owner

    So it looks like the next release should have a number like 3.2.post1 to make sure that pip accepts it as a real release—we should probably avoid "3.2.1" because that looks more like a real Python version number, and we want something whose structure is "Python version number <separator> our own sequence number."

  3. Brandon Rhodes repo owner

    I do not think we can do the version-number tie-in if (a) we want to tie in with version numbers like 3.4a1 and (b) we want people to be able to pip-install the package. So we should probably abandon a strict correspondence to Python versions. would be fine for a release letting people use the code that you just pushed.

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