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Added documentation for HEAP_AUTO_ID_USER

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 the script tag template from rendering when user has ``is_superuser`` property
 set to ``True``.
+Automatic identification of users
+django-heap can automatically call ``heap.identify`` with data from the
+authenticated user. To do that, you need to set the ``HEAP_AUTO_ID_USER``
+setting to ``True`` (disabled by default). Only authenticated users will be
+identify. The User object's ``get_full_name`` method will be used to derive the
+``name`` parameter for the ``identify`` call, and if User object has an
+``email`` field, the ``email`` parameter will also be passed. There is
+currently no handling for the cases where ``get_full_name`` returns the user's
+``email`` address.
+**Note** This implementation is currently experimental, so please do it
+manually in the ``BODY`` tag as suggested by Heap documentation if you find it 
+doesn't work for you.
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