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Issue #2 resolved

django-reversion's introspector doesn't like I18nModelInline

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Zdravo brate,

So I'm working on a Python 2.7 project with Django 1.6.1 and django-reversion 1.8.0; and it seems Reversion's introspector (namely this little gem called reversion.admin.VersionAdmin._introspect_inline_admin) has taken a strong dislike to I18nModelInline. (I can procure a traceback if you're interested in seeing what happens.)

Now, from its point of view, I can understand that. The idea of SourceI18nInline.model = Source seems more than a little unsound to me; in my opinion, having it point to SourceI18n makes more sense, and can help to reduce such compatibility issues.

So I'm going to have a long hard look at your codebase, see if I can do anything to sort this issue out, and if I come up with anything, I'm gonna send it over as a pull request, mmkay? (:

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  1. Branko Vukelic repo owner


    Yeah, sure. I'm not familiar with Reversion (and, sadly, not even Django 1.6 yet), so I welcome a pull. And yes, please dump the traceback. Thanks for looking into this.

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