django-i18n-model / NEWS

2013-06-07: 0.0.7

+ Added get_by_lang manager method
+ Use get_by_lang in translate tag
+ No longer includes default language in choices for translations

2013-06-05: 0.0.6

+ Added translate_url tag

2013-06-04: 0.0.5

+ Fixed bug in translation model's __unicode__ method

2013-06-03: 0.0.4

+ Fixed unique_together being lost after changes introduced in 0.0.2, when
  subclass has its own Meta options

2013-06-02: 0.0.3

+ Deprecated current_language manager method
+ Added lang manager method for retrieving current-language and other
+ Added ``{% translate %}`` template tag

2013-06-01: 0.0.2

+ Relay Meta options to superclass

2013-06-01: 0.0.1

+ Basic working version

2013-06-01: Published the code online

+ The first untested version with unit tests.
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