Branko Vukelic committed 79b16d8

Basic test for send_html_message

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             {'header1': 'header1 value', 'header2': 'header2 value'},
-                        'Should not attach HTML')
+                         'Should not attach HTML')
+class SendMessage(TestCase):
+    def test_sending_basically_works(self):
+        msg = Mock()
+        email.send_message(msg)
+        self.assertTrue(msg.send.called,
+                        "Message's send method should be called")
+class Everything(TestCase):
+    @patch('')
+    @patch('')
+    @patch('')
+    def test_send_html_message_basically_works(self, send, cmsg, cbody):
+        cbody.return_value = ('text', 'html')
+        email.send_html_email(
+            'subject',
+            '',
+            '',
+            'template.html',
+            {'data': 'value'}
+        )
+        self.assertTrue(cmsg.called)
+        self.assertTrue(cbody.called)
+        self.assertTrue(send.called)
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