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Welcome to the OpenRat CMS wiki!

You may checkout the CMS by the command

Why OpenRat

  • One word: Security! The securest way for a website are static pages.
  • Another word: Performance! The fastest way for a website are static pages.

CMS features

  • Generating static pages in your file system
  • Publishing pages via FTP
  • Group and user administration
  • Use of ACLs for authorization
  • Templates for pages
  • i18n for your website
  • Using internal skripts for creating menus

About the Wiki

This wiki uses the Creole syntax, and is fully compatible with the 1.0 specification.

Command for checking out the wiki pages

$ hg clone

About the Wiki: Syntax highlighting

You can also highlight snippets of text, we use the excellent Pygments library.

Here's an example of some Python code:

def wiki_rocks(text):
	formatter = lambda t: "funky"+t
	return formatter(text)