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A small library for vector management and arithmetic in C++ using raw C pointer arrays, designed for simple audio buffer-shuffling. Also includes aligned malloc wrappers and a lock-free ring buffer.

The code can call out to vector arithmetic helpers (IPP, vDSP) in some places, and has loops written with an eye to auto-vectorising compilers, but mostly this is a convenience library rather than for performance -- it initially exists to give a fairly consistent API to useful functions over audio buffer arrays.

This code originated as part of the Rubber Band Library written by the same authors (see https://bitbucket.org/breakfastquay/rubberband/). It has been pulled out into a separate library and relicensed under a more permissive licence.

Generally expected to be vendored in to local project builds rather than being installed as a system library.

C++ standard required: C++98 (does not use C++11 or newer features)

  • To compile on Linux: make test
  • To compile on macOS: make -f build/Makefile.osx test

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Copyright 2007-2017 Particular Programs Ltd. See the file COPYING for (BSD/MIT-style) licence terms.