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Not much to see here.

This is the CLI front-end for the very immature Scroll Editor, a work-in-progress free software document processing system.

Scroll is very WIP and not ready for public usage. If you really, really want to dig in keep on reading.

Getting set up

To get a basic demo running, follow the following steps:

  1. Check out this repo somewhere

  2. First, install a recent version of node.js, along with a recent version of npm.

    • The supported version is: 5.7 (same as ran by test server)
    • You might consider using nvm to easily install a version that is appropriate for your OS and architecture
    • If you used nvm, remember to do nvm use 5 to activate before continuing
  3. Install dependencies by running npm install -d

  4. Optionally, double check there's nothing wrong by running the unit tests with npm test
  5. Now, git clone the example workspace in some location, such as scrollexamplews

Playing around with very-WIP commandline interface

Now you can play around with the following commands (this assumes the example workspace is at the top level):

To render the example document:

./bin/scroll ./scrollexamplews/document/ render

To see what actions are available for the sample document, and some miscelaneous info:

./bin/scroll ./scrollexamplews/document/

To customize, take a look at example tags in scrollexamplews/tag. The markdown= under the [markdown] header allows you to specify custom syntax for existing or custom tags. New documents placed in document/ and new tags in tag/ will be picked up automatically. Additional styles for tags can be created with different "targets" (example values might include "print" or "web"), and then accessed with

./bin/scroll ./scrollexamplews/document/ render custom_target
./bin/scroll ./scrollexamplews/document/ rendercss custom_target