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binary installer for win32

Brad Reisfeld
repo owner created an issue

Attached is a binary installer built under Windows 7 based on the source in this fork.

Several useful installation notes are contained in the 'INSTALL_WINDOWS' file in this repository.

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  1. Laurent Gautier

    Thanks. I am sure that theWindows users will be interested. Comments about a possible issue with undeleted temp files is at 3f5cdef02628.

    When comparing the fork with the main repository it seems that the C part builds without modifications.

  2. kenny_bell

    I have python 2.7.5 installed with the Anaconda package. When running this binary, I get an error saying "Python version 2.7 required, which was not found in the registry.".

    Should this still work for Python 2.7.5?

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