Jochen Breuer


Some stuff that fits nowhere else.

Go Get A Martini Bottle

This is just a quick and dirty example of how the deployment of a go web application could look like. For this purpose a hello world martini application is build and packaged with the help of invoke and fpm.

A simple Python script that checks for updates on an Apt (Debian/Ubuntu) or Yum (Fedora/Redhat/Centos) based system and emails a notification and/or sends jabber messages to various admins.


sizr is a django app that can resize images on the fly with just a GET request. sizr then fetches the image, resizes it caches the image in a "bucket" and redirects you to the local copy. The next request then gets redirected directly.


A robust and simple notification queue with pluggable notification handlers on top of beanstalk. Following the KISS principles.

Mercurial Wiki

Mercurial Wiki is a wiki with the sole purpose to be embedded into a mercurial repository. Everyone who clones the repository will then automatically get the wiki documentation with all the information needed to get started or the documentation of the latest changes.


A proof of concept for a Redmine commandline tool.

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