Binary release

A binary release is available in the download section. Extract the archive and copy the content to the media folder inside your CATweasel installation.

Build from source


If you want to build this project from source, you'll need the following things:


1. Clone the repository:

$ hg clone https://bitbucket.org/brejoc/catweasel-client-ui/

2a. Without Eclipse

If you just cloned the repository you won't have the build.properties but an example. So just rename the build.properties.example and change the paths of the GWT and CATweasel folders.

Now you're able to compile the GWT classes with ant.

ant build

To build and deploy the binaries to the correct path run the following ant task.

ant deploy

2b. With Eclipse

Import the project to your workspace. To compile the GWT classes right click the project root and select Google > GWT Compile.




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