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Mailing List

The mailing list of can be found on If you have a question or you'd like to subscribe to the mailing list simply write a mail to


You can copy to /usr/bin and upgrade_mailer_py.ini to /etc. The script should be executed periodically. It would be best to create a cron job for this task. If there is no upgrade available right now, the script will stay silent and won't bother you with any spam.

Email Settings

In contrast to previous versions of all the settings can now be found in the upgrade_mailer_py.ini. The two most important settings are the recipients and SMTP server.

recipients =,
smtp_server = localhost

Few more options can, but must not be set. If you need to authenticate to your SMTP just enter username and password here:

smtp_user = pparker
smtp_pass = secret

If your STMP server expects you to use TLS/SSL set this to True:

smtp_tls = true


To send mails via Google Mail SMTP you would have to choose the following settings:

# Server and (optional) credentials used to send the mails
smtp_server =
smtp_user =
smtp_pass = secret

# Set to True if SMTP server uses TLS/SSL
smtp_tls = true

If you don't want to send emails at all:

recipients =

XMPP Settings

This part should be pretty much self explanatory. also allows to send the notifications to a list of Jabber IDs (recipients). xmpp_jid and xmpp_pass are your jid and password from where you'd like to send the notifications.


# Here starts the XMPP part
recipients =,

# Credentials for sending XMPP account
xmpp_jid =
xmpp_pass = secret

If you don't want to send notifications via XMPP just do this:

recipients =


If you discover any bugs feel free to report or fix them.