Less than alpha!

A simple way to include comments in your webpage.


  • Multiple OAuth providers for sign in e.g. Google, Facebook, Microsoft Live, Yahoo etc.
  • Single Javascript include in page then a single html div wherever you want to comments to appear.
  • Templates can be easily overridden in the page itself.
  • Lightweight access to other data such as number of comments for insertion in e.g. blog index pages.
  • Backend easily deploys on Windows Azure for scalability and ease of maintenance
  • Unintrusive JavaScript, RequireJS is the only global name imported.
  • Browseable API for the backend.


  • Front-end
    • BackboneJS
    • RequireJS
    • jQuery
    • UnderscoreJS
  • Back-end
    • Django
    • Python-Social-Auth
    • Django-Rest-Framework