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File pypy/doc/configuration.rst

- =============================
 PyPy's Configuration Handling
 The usage of config objects in PyPy
-The two large parts of PyPy, the Python interpreter_ and the `RPython 
+The two large parts of PyPy, the Python interpreter and the `RPython 
 toolchain, have two separate sets of options. The translation toolchain options
 can be found on the ``config`` attribute of all ``TranslationContext``
 instances and are described in `pypy/config/`_. The interpreter options
 are attached to the object space, also under the name ``config`` and are
 described in `pypy/config/`_.
-_interpreter: interpreter.html
 .. include:: _ref.txt

File pypy/doc/getting-started.rst

 translation process - as opposed to encoding low level details into the
 language implementation itself. `more...`_
 .. _Python:
 .. _`more...`: architecture.html
 .. _`Building and using PyPy's Python interpreter`: getting-started-python.html
 .. _`Learning more about the translation toolchain and how to develop (with) PyPy`: getting-started-dev.html
+.. _setuptools:
 Understanding PyPy's architecture

File pypy/doc/index.rst

 `getting started`_ provides hands-on instructions 
 including a two-liner to run the PyPy Python interpreter 
 on your system, examples on advanced features and 
-entry points for using PyPy's translation tool chain. 
+entry points for using the `RPython toolchain`_.
 `FAQ`_ contains some frequently asked questions.
 .. _`Videos`: video-index.html
 .. _`Release 1.4`:
 .. _``:
+.. _`RPython toolchain`: translation.html
 Project Documentation