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@title On Hibari’s Design @pubDate Mon Jan 30 14:49:05 -0800 2012 @modDate Mon Jan 30 14:49:37 -0800 2012 <a href="">violasong</a>:

Because Hibari is a secondary app, I want it to fit in with the feel of the operating system as much as possible. I call Hibari “minimalist,” but it’s certainly not an instance of bare, angular, monochromatic minimalism. I’m aiming instead for a quiet, soothing, Japanese-style minimalism; one that feels natural. For my taste, an angular black & white app juxtaposed against the grays of OS X wouldn’t produce the most minimalist result.

I love reading about design philoshopy. Good post.

And it motivates me to check out <a href="">Hibari</a>, which I hadn’t done yet.